For MintySynth 2.0: Download the Software Manual or begin with the Quick Start Guide

If you have the rev. 1.3 kit and haven't upgraded the software, use this Software Manual

Download the most recent version of the MintySynth software (you also need the MIDI library)

Here's the changelog. Note that the newest software will also work on the older rev. 1.3 kit if you want to upgrade. You can change the "version" variable to "1" to maximize compatibility.

Here's a video tour of the basic audio controls, using the Demo Song as an example. The MintySynth software is based on the “Illutron” Synth library, which uses single-cycle samples of various waveforms (i.e. sine waves, square waves, etc.) to produce tones. The volume of the waveform over time is controlled by an envelope, and by choosing different envelopes, it's possible to simulate the sound of a variety of instruments. Duane B., who created a slightly modified version of the Illutron Synth, has provided a great description of this (with diagrams). This combination of waveform and envelope is created for four different voices (instruments), and the results are added together and outputted on a single pin of the microcontroller.

The MintySynth software is a sequencer, meaning it allows us to program a repeating pattern of notes (see the video at the right). There's lots of functionality:

Because the wheels and buttons are used for many different functions it takes a bit of time to learn how to use, but it's actually pretty intuitive once you've had a little practice. Have fun!